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New Maico MX Line Up

Dec 18, 2009

New Maicos get the ‘Thumb’s Up’ from DIRT WURX’s Rich Winkler

“…a serious dirt bike built to fill a niche,” says Winkler. “A bike to be enjoyed by a rider who wants out of the four-stroke world.”

While over in the UK this past week constructing the British Supercross Championship track at London's NEC Arena, DIRT WURX's Rich Winkler got a chance to check out the new line of Maico MX and off-road bikes

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Round Two - UK SX 2009

Dec 11, 2009

DIRT WURX USA's back home in New York after successful two-week trip to NEC Arena for UK SX

DIRT WURX's Rich Winkler bangs out another masterpiece track for Round Two of the 2009-'10 British Supercross Championships and organizer Future West Promotions

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British SX 2009

Dec 2, 2009

They’re changing the guard at Buckingham Palace – as well as NEC Arena with DIRT WURX USA returning for UK SX

DIRT WURX's Rich Winkler is back overseas with another crew to re-construct the NEC Arena (Birmingham, UK) supercross track for Rd. 2 of the British SX Championships Supercross

Photos courtesy of: FIM Indoor Enduro

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2010 Supercross Tracks

Nov 30, 2009

From the desk of Rich Winkler:

"The new track designs for 2010 Monster Energy AMA Supercross, an FIM Championship, are up and available. Just click on "tracks" above to see what's happening."

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Pit Pass Radio Show

Nov 19, 2009

DIRT WURX USA's Winkler hits the Pit Pass Radio show

Winkler spins a number of stories for Pit Pass Radio hosts Scott Casber, Tony Wenck, Tony Tice and Ed Kuhlenkamp on Dirt Wurx's history in AMA

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FIM Indoor Enduro in UK

Nov 09, 2009

DIRT WURX USA's versatility shines through at FIM Indoor Enduro in UK

Dirt Wurx's Rich Winkler and Dave Hellyer design and construct the Sheffield Arena track that plays host to the opening round of the FIM Indoor Enduro World Cup.

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Hungary’s Komlo Dirt Park Finished

Sept 23, 2009

Dirt Wurx returns from Hungary’s Komlo Dirt Park – MX track tune and quad track redo deemed a success

Rich Winkler and the Dirt Wurx knock out a big project in Hungary at the track they helped design and construct several years ago – add a new quad track to the mix.

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MX track in Hungray

August 28, 2009

Dirt Wurx jets to Hungary's Komlo Dirt Park to tune the Winkler-designed MX track, upgrade quad track

Rich Winkler and the Dirt Wurx crew head overseas to tune Komlo's picturesque GP-style motocross track and update the facility's quad track to make it more advanced

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British SX Series

August 26, 2009

Dirt Wurx USA's on board to design and construct the tracks for the British SX Series

Dirt Wurx's Rich Winkler aligns with Future West's John and Jamie Hellam once again for British Supercross and the first-ever UK Indoor Enduro.

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Photo: www.londonbikers.com


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SRFMX83 Redux!

May 27, 2009

Dirt Wurx Again Puts The Blade To A Rippin' Locals-Only Track In Jersey

Track owner Ryan Foley (Foley Caterpillar) and Dirt Wurx's Rich Winkler combine on a big-time "Thumb's Up" redo of the main track as well as the SRFMX83 mini bike course.

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Photo: Mike Leavitt flyin' the 2-stroke Skies at SRFMX83


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The MX Track @ Motoplayground Magazine HQ

March 03, 2009

Dirt Wurx Called Upon To Put The Dozer Blade To The MX Track @ Motoplayground Magazine HQ

Dirt Wurx's Rich Winkler and crew team up with Harold Martin and his staff on the track design construction at the Motoplayground offices.

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Photo: Trey Canard (Geico Powersports/Honda) on the Dirt Wurx track @ Motoplayground.

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Interview with Dirtwurx's Rich Winkler - Presented by Suzuki

Feb 18, 2009

Between the Motos: Rich Winkler
By Davey Coombs

There’s a sub-season to the Monster Energy Supercross tour that we like to call “the California season.” That’s because six of the first seven rounds take place in the Golden State, with only a brief weekend jaunt out to Phoenix breaking up the intra-state travel pattern...

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Rich Winkler

British Supercross Championships

Jan 17, 2009

Dirt Wurx Returns To England For Rounds Two & Three Of The '09 British SX Championships

Rich Winkler and part of his crew head over to Liverpool's Echo Arena to construct an interesting amateur/pro 'hybrid' track this weekend.

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2009 Supercross Season

Dec 26, 2008

Dirt Wurx Announces Track Designs For '09 Monster Energy AMA Supercross Season

Good mix of original Dirt Wurx designs and 'past champ' entries will have the world's top SX riders on their toes when the gate drops on Anaheim 1!

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British Supercross Championships

Nov 10, 2008

Dirt Wurx Called Upon To Design & Construct Tracks For The British Supercross Championship

Future West and Dirt Wurx team up again this season for what’s already proved to be an eventful series of racing for UK supercross fans!

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British SX Championships

Oct 30, 2008

Dirt Wurx Opens The British SX Championships With Innovative Build @ Hallam FM Arena

Rich Winkler and crew called upon to create pro-caliber supercross track with tight move in/move out deadlines; comes through with flying colors!

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Rockstar U.S. Open

Oct 17, 2008

Dirt Wurx Stepped Up Big With Rockstar U.S. Open Of Supercross Track Construction

Two completely separate builds and tear-downs in two days pushes the Dirt Wurx crew to the edge, but they pull through and U.S. Open's a big success with riders and fans

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ATVs, 4WD Trucks, Guns & Camouflage

Sept 29, 2008

ATVs, 4WD Trucks, Guns & Camouflage – Dirt Wurx Crew Fits Right Into Great Outdoor Festival!

In a bit of a departure from its summer MX track design and construction schedule, Dirt Wurx creates demonstration courses for Honda, Toyota, Yamaha & Polaris in Wisconsin

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Combination Supercross/Off Road Track

Sept 22, 2008

Dirt Wurx Constructs A Combination Supercross/Off Road Track For Montreal SX

Tricky layout harkens back to the days of Mickey Thompson stadium truck racing, only with a more technical supercross track constructed in and around the off road circuit.

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Impressive Track Re-Build

June 18, 2008

Dirt Wurx Puts An Impressive Re-Build On New Jersey’s SRFMX83 Local Track

Track owner Ryan Foley (Foley Caterpillar) and Dirt Wurx’s Rich Winkler and team combine on a massive modification and enhancement of the current SRFMX83 track...

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