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DIRT WURX's SRFMX83 track rebuild moves towards an MX National track, away
from SX

Track owner Ryan Foley (Foley Caterpillar) and Dirt Wurx's Rich Winkler open up the speed and create "substantial" improvements/enhancements

MONROE, N.Y. (May 26, 2010) - This past weekend Rich Winkler and Kory Christensen of the DIRT WURX USA team cut into Ryan Foley's SRFMX83 track in New Jersey and transformed the once technical and highly 'jumpy' private practice track into more of an Outdoor National/SX combi track.

"Ryan makes this weekend into an event in of itself," said Winkler. "We have such a good time in the afternoons and evenings, and with all brand new Foley Caterpillar equipment to work with during the day, its really hard to even think of his annual track spruce up as a job.

"I think all parties are pleased with the results and Ryan Foley has got to have the King Daddy of all backyard tracks!"

Winkler said that the goal of this year's rebuild on the SRFMX83 track, located at Foley's top secret moto compound in New Jersey, was to open things up a bit more, creating more speed and reeling in a bit of the 'supercrossy' feel the track had incorporated since Winkler and the DIRT WURX crew began working with Foley in 2007. "Our major goal was to speed up the track, make it flow better and create a more Nationals' feel to it versus supercross. We made substantial improvements to the track which now has a more realistic outdoor section."

All said Winkler figures there was a 90-percent facelift on the track.

Running a Foley CAT 938H loader, a D4KLGP dozer, 257 MTL skid steer and a 416c backhoe, Winkler and the DIRT WURX crew had everything at their disposal that they'd normally have while constructing the Monster Energy AMA Supercross stadium tracks across the country - many of which feature CAT products run by the DIRT WURX crew.

"I can run a bulldozer with moderate proficiency, but I don't think I could even drink a cup of coffee with these guys at DIRT WURX," said Foley, who's been around construction equipment his entire life. "We love having Rich and his guys down here. They not only build the track - they ride the hell out of it when they're done!"

Foley was pleased with the re-design from supercross to more of a National, adding "All-in-all the track has never been better. While making it MUCH safer for the novice and amateur rider, Rich also managed to make it more challenging for the experienced rider - which is a tough thing to accomplish in my eyes."

Folet Track Rebuild

Folley Track Rebuild


SLC SX waits out the SNOW under the Tarps

Ryan Folley in action

Admittedly a bit 'old school,' Winkler was pleased to see Foley and his riding buddies work to embrace the traditional motocross design. "We always get a kick out of Ryan and his friends' input," said Winkler. "They'll go round and round on something, go out and run three or four laps, then come back and say 'Nah, nah . we need it this way.' We'll give them some input, change things up a bit, then they'll ride it again. Sometimes that goes on for a while, but in the end the guys really ended up liking the finish product."

Bench racing after the build, Foley's guys get a chance to catch up with Winkler and are not at all short on questions when it comes to getting the insider info out of Winkler in regards to the supercross series.

"We always have a killer time while Rich and the DIRT WURX crew is in town," said Foley. "We all LOVE having Rich and his guys there hanging out with us. And for building an A-plus track, there's no other choice in our minds but DIRT WURX."

DIRT WURX USA - the premier SX/MX track design and construction company in the world - is the exclusive supercross race track design and construction firm for Feld Motorsports and the Monster Energy AMA Supercross Series, an FIM World Championship. With more than 18 years of global experience in the field, DIRT WURX USA’s highly talented crew of designers and heavy equipment specialists not only build the world's most visible tracks, but are also accessible for affordable track design and construction at the local level. For more information, please visit www.dirtwurx.com

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