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Monster AMA Supercross notes, Vegas
By Rich Winkler

Vegas Track

Vegas is always a tough build. The wind howls and dirt blows around everywhere. Things are so dry that we usually get there early and water the dirt before we even move it in. The plan was to do that this year as well – until we got out of Salt Lake City late with the clean up. So we had no breaks from the time we got there to when the gate dropped on Saturday. In addition to that they had a big amateur race on Sunday, which we had to prep the track for.

It was a bit dusty during the main, but nothing distracting for the racers and fans. In the end we were rushed, but the finished product looked good.


(Ryan) Dungey quieted his critics, riding away from Chad (Reed). Kevin Windham was again unreal, overcoming a terrible start and racing back to 3rd. In one area he (Windham) was going triple-triple-triple – something none of the other riders were doing. That no doubt helped him get from the back of the pack to the front. In the Lites Pro Circuit &%$#ing dominated! Heck of a show for that team, all four guys (Jake) Weimer, (Christophe) Pourcel, (Josh) Hansen and (Dean) Wilson pushed themselves and gapped everyone else. Our local racer, Justin Barcia, was the only one even somewhat close in 5th. Overall both races were pretty good.


Dirt Wurx is heading to Ryan Foley (of Foley Caterpillar) to tune up his track for the summer. This is our third time there and it’s an absolute blast. We’ll have some pictures and a story on the job posted here early next week.

Kevin Winham
Kevin Windham SX in Vegas


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