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DIRT WURX USA returns from annual SX track re-build @ New Hampshire's premier MX facility

Rich Winkler and Winchester Speed Park owner Dave Boisvert team up to build New England's marquee supercross track

MONROE, N.Y. (April 26, 2010) - Dirt Wurx USA recently put the blade to Winchester Speed Park's supercross track, knocking the old track down completely and creating a newly designed and constructed track for the 2010 season.

"This is the one place in the Northeast where riders can experience a real Dirt Wurx USA supercross track. Yes, we do some things to make it safe for amateur riders, but for the most part this is the real thing," said Winkler. "Dave actually came up with the basic design this year, and asked me for my input on any changes. It was really good just as it was, and I just said lets build it!

Chad Reed loving the Dirt Wurx Houston track

"It's definitely got the Dirt Wurx seal of approval."

Working with Winchester Speed Park for the past decade, Winkler and track owner Dave Boisvert, a part-time Dirt Wurx operator himself, look to take the supercross track to a new level each year.

"As riders at the track progress, and learn more supercross-specific skills, we need a track that progresses as well," explained Boisvert. "I think we were able to design a challenging course with some good choice and timing sections, and a number of larger obstacles than we've featured in the past - but without the penalty involved when you come up short."

"We hit this one out of the park," said Winkler. "The new Winchester SX is as close to a real supercross track as possible, while also being forgiving. Plus, for once, we had three straight days of dry weather, allowing us to finish everything correctly, without having to return to re-groom soft jump faces and fix mud holes. Track conditions are perfect.

Boisvert added that the riders attending opening day on the motocross track were "Watching our progress and were pumped to return to Winchester's opening day for the new supercross track."

Winkler pulled both from his experience building the world's most visible supercross tracks at the premier stadiums here in the States (Monster Energy AMA Supercross) as well as in Europe, along with his experience designing and constructing tracks for both public and private use around the world. The end result at Winchester Speed Park was a track that can be used by both intermediate and expert/pro riders alike.

The state-of-the-art Winchester facility features both a motocross track and supercross track and plays host to the New England Regional MX Championships and 2010 Loretta Lynn's qualifier

For more on Winchester Speed Park, link to: www.winchesterspeedpark.com



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