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Monster AMA Supercross heads back east

By Rich Winkler


We had Indy and Atlanta the past couple weeks. Ahhh … back east with a roof over our heads. Not that we don’t absolutely dig the racing and people on the West Coast, mind you, but that back-to-back-to-back schedule of cranking out tracks in record time – and then having to cover them from the rain – was taking a toll on my guys as well as Dave Prater’s crew at Feld.

At Indy we pulled in and the dirt floor was still in from Monster Jam and Nuclear Cowboys, so the base was pretty hard. Everything with the build went well and about the only thing that stood out was that one of the corners showcased some of the riders’ flat track skills. The hard pack base was allowing them to flick their bikes sideways coming out of the corner and put an emphasis on throttle control and rear wheel spin. If you watched it on TV you’d have seen Windham put a nice pass on Millsaps there, and later Villy gave Kevin the same lesson So that was pretty cool.

The talk at Atlanta was all about the quad jump we built. Little history on that: We’d actually built one in San Diego years ago, but the AMA had us tear it down over concerns with rider safety. Fair enough. But now, with the bikes being so much more powerful, Dirt Wurx, Feld and the AMA all came to an agreement on how a true quad jump could be built.

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We actually were ready to create the quad at Anaheim 2, but the weather wouldn’t allow for it. So Atlanta was the second location that was scheduled to feature the quad and, by default, became the first-ever race to feature a purposely-built quad jump. And I say ‘purposely’ because riders on a number of occasions have turned rhythm sections into quad jumps, but never had we set out to build a quad before Atlanta – and will so again at Houston. Quad jumps through rhythm sections were extremely rare and mainly done in practice and not during a race.

For the record Justin Brayton was the first rider to jump the quad, doing so on press day. The distance on this jump was $%&#ing huge – approaching 90 feet off a seven-foot take-off. People seemed to be pretty stoked with it, from the riders to the fans. I know there was a lot of discussion online regarding the first ever quad jump – and I’m sure that talk’ll pick back up once we hit Houston.

People often ask me ‘Which stadium has the best dirt?’ I think if I had to pick one it’d be Atlanta. Perfect red Georgia dirt with just the right amount of clay and sand so that it falls off the dump trucks in granules – not in big, bowling ball-size clumps. Building the face of a jump with dirt clods is difficult. The dirt at the Georgia Dome blades out so well on the first pass that all you need to do after that is dress it up. Place looks perfect when we’re done with it.


Everyone at Dirt Wurx would like to give a shout out to Justin Barcia (GEICO Powersports/Honda/Planet Fitness). Justin grew up right across the street from Dirt Wurx HQ in upstate New York and we’ve been watching him compete at our local tracks since he was a little kid. I was impressed to see how mature he’s become, crashing in the sand at Indy and being able to get up and battle back to get on the box.


Dirt Wurx is busy getting everything in order for the Toronto Supercross. All sorts of details involved with traveling over the border into Canada with a stadium motorsports event. So we’ll wish Ricky Carmichael the best of luck with his event down in Daytona this weekend and we all look forward to getting back after it next week at the Rogers Centre.


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