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DIRT WURX U.S.A. was founded in 1990 by Rich Winkler.
Rich Winkler is a former AMA professional rider with over 30 years experience in Motocross racing, Motocross and Supercross event production, and racetrack design and construction.
Over the years DIRT WURX U.S.A. has demonstrated the ability to design and construct race courses that are safe but challenging to riders ranging in skill from local sportsman to world class professionals, while at the same time being exciting and spectacular to the paying fans.
DIRT WURX U.S.A. maintains solid working relationships with race organizers, sanctioning organizations, racing teams, facilities, and individuals worldwide based on trust, honest business practices and reasonable cost. We have never damaged a facility.
DIRT WURX U.S.A. employs the most talented and capable heavy equipment operators and production staff available anywhere in the world. Our entire staff has extensive experience in racing, many still race today, and all are specialists in racetrack construction.
This depth of experience and work history has allowed us to grow to a point where DIRT WURX U.S.A. is now the premier racetrack design and construction team in the world.
DIRT WURX U.S.A. is the exclusive racetrack design and construction firm for Feld Motor Sports. This long-term contract means DIRT WURX U.S.A. designs and builds every course on the AMA Supercross Series Tour, and the World Supercross GP Tour.
DIRT WURX U.S.A. has extensive experience in specialty dirt projects for the television and motion picture industry. We have worked on television shows, including NBC'¦s The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and ABC'¦s Jimmy Kimmel Live, television commercials, and even feature films including most recently Columbia Pictures, Charlie's Angels II Full Throttle, and Supercross, The Movie.
DIRT WURX U.S.A. has designed and constructed factory test tracks for all five U.S. factory teams (Honda, Kawasaki, KTM, Suzuki, Yamaha), as well as the test tracks of Honda R&D (Honda Proving Center of California), etc. We have also built many of the professional riders'¦ private practice tracks, including those of Ricky Carmichael, Robbie Reynard, Larry Ward, Kevin Wyndham, Ezra Lusk, James 'Bubba' Stewart and Travis Pastrana.
DIRT WURX U.S.A. has designed and constructed the courses for many of the FIM World Supercross Series Tour events, including all the Japan Supercross Series courses, and we are currently the exclusive racetrack design and construction contractor for Future West UK Supercross, the British Championship Series.
DIRT WURX U.S.A. has extensive experience with USHRA Monster Truck racing, IFMA Freestyle Motocross and USHRA Off-road Car and Truck Racing, and currently builds most of the courses for these various series.
A significant potion of DIRT WURX U.S.A.'¦s business is outside the limelight of live events. We have designed and constructed many courses for arenas, fairgrounds, public riding parks, outdoor Motocross facilities, and courses for private individuals who want the very best.
In addition, DIRT WURX U.S.A. has designed and/or constructed many courses for smaller arenas, fairgrounds, outdoor Motocross facilities and private practice or testing tracks.


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